A public roadmap is planned and will be made soon!

Plex oAuth

Petio supports Plex oAuth


Petio doesn't use relational data. MongoDB in this instance is way faster for us to parse straight into the API worker.

Single Season TV Show

At this time, only whole shows can be requested. However, TV Show request granularity is a planned enhancement

Plex Library Scan

A partial scan is ran every 30 mins and a full scan is ran everyday at midnight.

Unable to log in to the admin portal

If you aren't using Plex oAuth to sign in to Petio - when you first set up Petio, you were prompted to set up a custom password. Make sure you are using the correct password and not your Plex password.


Translations will be a part of the next development phase using i18n strings.

Request with a yellow warning

A TV request without a TVDB ID can't be passed to Sonarr, this is usually because TMDB doesn't have a TVDB ID for this show yet. Petio will check for the TVDB ID as part of a cron and once one is found it will be processed. You can also manualy add one to TMDB.

Why are all my requests pending?

Are your requests being approved? Take a look at the user profiles. Still having issues? Read over our user profiles section.


The current notification system will undergo an overhaul.

Lidarr Support

Lidarr support is planned


Backup options are planned including database backup

Does Petio automatically update?

Currently only docker based installs can "auto-update" by pulling a new image. If you are running Petio using binaries you must download the latest release.

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